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As well as providing you with an income in retirement, membership of the scheme also provides valuable protection for your dependants. In this area of the website we outline the benefits payable if you die before retiring. Information about benefits payable on your death in retirement, are giiven in the retirement section.

Death or injury while on duty

Benefits may become payable if you die within 12 months as a result of an injury while on duty. This does not form part of the pension scheme. You can find informaton on our main website 


Lump sum

Children's pension

One quarter of your own pension will be paid for life. If you leave more than one child they will share half your pension between them,

Children’s pensions are paid for children under the age of 18. Subject to certain conditions, your children can continue to receive their pension until they are 23, if they’re in full time education.

Payments may be paid for life if your child is unable to work because of illness or disability that existed at the time of your death.

A higher rate children’s pension will be paid if you die without leaving a surviving spouse, civil partner or nominated partner.

Adult dependant's pension

If die while paying into the scheme your spouse, or partner, will receive a pension equal to half the upper tier pension you would have received had your retired on ill-health grounds.

A child’s pension will be one quarter of the same amount; where there is more than one eligible child, half the pension will be shared between all of the children.

Death after leaving but before retirement

Once you leave the scheme the pension you have earned during your membership is known as your deferred pension. If you die before you retire, your spouse will receive half of your deferred pension.

A children's pension would be one quarter of your deferred pension. If you leave more than one eligible child, the half the pension will be shared between all of the children.

Information about benefits paid if you die in retirement are given in the retirement section of this website.

SPPA has absolute discretion over whom to pay any lump sum death benefit payable in respect of your service in the scheme. This can be to or for the benefit of your nominee(s), executors or any person appearing to them to have been your relative or dependent.

Please contact SPPA if you wish to nominate someone to receive the payment.

If no beneficiary is nominated and you do not have a spouse or registered civil partner, the lump sum can only be paid to your estate and so may be subject to Inheritance Tax.