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The amount you pay depends on how much you earn. The current rates before tax relief are shown in the table below – your contributions are deducted from your pay before tax is applied – so you pay less tax.

Pensionable pay range for an employee   Contribution rate
Up to £27,000 a year   10.0%
£27,001 to £50,000   12.2%
£50,000 to £142,500   13.5%
More than £142,501   14.5%

Please note that temporary payments, including temporary promotion payments, are not pensionable.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue and the government also pay into the scheme on your behalf.


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Buying extra pension

You can pay additional contributions each month and increase your pension by up to £6,500 a year. You can choose to pay either regular amounts or a single lump sum payment.