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You will join the scheme automatically on appointment as a firefighter, crew or watch manager, regardless of your duty system. This includes part-time, volunteer and retained duty system firefighters.

All other support and control room fire service employees are invited to join the Local Government Pension Scheme.

Some firefighters who were previously a member of the former Firefighters’ Pension Schemes (Fire 1992 and Fire 2006) are also members of the scheme.

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Transferring Benefits

Transferring benefits from other schemes

If you have joined the firefighters' 2015 Pension Scheme within the last 12 months and wish to consider transferring previous pension rights from another provider you should complete a joiner questionnaire form in all instances. 

Should you require any further information please contact SPPA on (01896) 893 000, or email 

A transfer is subject to time limits and can only proceed when: 

  • you have completed a transfer application form providing SPPA with full details of your previous pension provider
  • a transfer value from your previous pension provider has been obtained by SPPA 
  • you have been notified by us of the membership that will buy you in the CARE scheme
  • you have made a written election within twelve months of joining te FPS 2015 to proceed with the transfer

Please note that transfers from occupational schemes on a non-club basis may still be possible after 12 months membership in our scheme. Please contact SPPA for further details.

Please be aware that SPPA cannot provide financial advice to you regarding whether or not to transfer your pension. If you require assistance please contact an independent financial advisor.