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The contributions you pay depend on how much you earn as shown in the table below. As your contributions are deducted from your pay before tax is applied the amount you pay may be less than you think. 

Whole time pensionable pay Percentage contribution 
£15,828 or below 5.2%
£15,829 to £21,601 5.8%
£21,602 to £27,089 7.3%
£27,090 to £49,967 9.5%
£49,968 to £71,337 12.7%
£71,338 to £111,376 13.7%
£111,377 or more* 14.7%

If you work part-time your contributions will be worked out using your whole time equivalent pensionable pay.

Your pensionable pay is your normal pay and certain regular allowances. For officers this is based on your previous years’ earnings. If you are a practitioner we will use earnings in the current year.

Your employer also pays into the scheme on your behalf.

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Buying extra pension

You can pay additional contributions each month and increase your pension by up to £6,500 a year. You can choose to pay either regular amounts or a single lump sum payment.

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