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We work hard to avoid using jargon in all our communications with you but some terms are unavoidable. These are explained here or you can download a printable version from the link in Related documents.

We’ve included some terms which we try not to use but you will often see in communications about pensions in general.

If there are any terms you don’t understand but which aren’t explained here, please let us know using the Contact us tab.

Consumer Prices Index (CPI)

CPI is a measure of inflation. Like the Retail Prices Index (RPI) it tracks the changing cost of a fixed basket of goods and services over time. However unlike the RPI it disregards some items, such as housing costs. The rate of CPI is currently used as a measure by which we increase pension for inflation.

Deferred member

You are a deferred member if you leave the scheme before retiring. Your benefits will be referred to as a deferred pension and revalued each year in line with increases in CPI until you retire.

If you return to the scheme within 5 years of leaving, we will revisit the pension we have revalued during your absence and re-calculate it using CPI plus 1.5%. We will also continue to link any service you earned in either then 1995 or 2008 section to your final pensionable salary.

If you return after more than 5 years, any service in these sections will be based on your pensionable pay at leaving. Your benefits in the NHS 2015 scheme will continue to be revalued in line with increases in CPI.

Full protection

All active members of the 1995 and 2008 sections, who, as at 1st April 2012, were either already over their normal pension age or 10 years or less from their normal pension age, are entitled to full protection. Full protection means that you will not join the NHS 2015 scheme and continue to earn benefits as before in your current section.


HM Revenue & Customs 


A member with Mental Health Officer status

Normal pension age (NPA)

The age at which you can choose to retire from the scheme and have the full value of your pension paid.

Pensionable pay

This is the pay we use to work out your contributions to the scheme and how much benefit you will earn. It is your normal pay plus certain regular allowances.

Pensioner re-employment

If you return to work after accessing your pension you must inform SPPA, as this may have an effect on the benefits payable to you.