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We work hard to avoid using jargon in all our communications with you but some terms are unavoidable. These are explained here or you can download a printable version from the link in Related documents.

We’ve included some terms which we try not to use but you will often see in communications about pensions in general.

If there are any terms you don’t understand but which aren’t explained here, please let us know using the Contact us tab.


Protection is the arrangement whereby certain members will remain in their current section of the NHS Pension Scheme beyond 31st March 2015. 

Retirement factors

These factors are applied to your pension if you take it at a date other than your normal pension age. They will reduce your pension if you take it early and increase it if you take it late. 

Revaluation rate

The pension you earn each year will be indexed each year to account for inflation in the period before you retire or leave. We use the Consumer Prices Index plus 1.5% to revalue your pension.

Tapered protection

Active members of both sections who, as at 1st April 2012, were more than 10 years, but less than 13 years and 6 months from their normal pension age are eligible for tapered protection. If you have tapered protection you will not join the NHS 2015 scheme on 1 April 2015 but will continue to earn benefits in your current section before joining the NHS 2015 at a date depending on your age. 

Uniform accrual

This is a calculation applied if you have some Mental Health Officer (MHO) service but do not have full MHO service at the time of leaving the 95 section. This allows you a proportional benefit for the MHO period worked.  


The overall level of your contributions as a percentage of payroll required by HM Treasury which when added to the employers contribution will meet the liabilities of the scheme. This is currently 9.8% of payroll.