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You’ll join the scheme automatically on your first day if you’re between the ages of 16 and 75 and you are:

  • directly employed by NHS Scotland;
  • a medical, dental or ophthalmic practitioner (or trainee);
  • working for a general practice;
  • working for certain approved employers; or
  • a non-general practitioner provider.

You can also apply to join the scheme if you are a freelance locum medical practitioner but you won’t join automatically. Please contact your employer to find out if you qualify for membership.           

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Transferring benefits in from other schemes

You may be able to transfer benefits you have earned in schemes with your previous employers.                                          Applications to transfer benefits into the scheme must be made within 12 months of joining and before your normal pension age.

if you have been a member of a NHS Pension Scheme elsewhere in the UK your benefits will not transfer automatically to the scheme.  You must apply in writing for a transfer to be made.

Special terms apply if you transfer benefits between other public sector schemes for example, if you join NHS Scotland from an NHS employer in England, or from another public sector scheme.  However, there are strict timescales relating to these transfers and you must request these as soon as possible after joining the scheme.

You can apply to transfer by completing a Joiner Questionnaire form. 






Transferring benefits out to other schemes

If you leave the scheme it may be possible to transfer your benefits to your new employer’s scheme if you remain in public service – for example because you have taken up a post with an employer in another part of the UK.

From April 2015, the law changed and it’s no longer permitted to transfer benefits from a public sector scheme a private sector arrangement.

More information about transferring between schemes can be found in our factsheets.

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