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All police officers automatically join the scheme on appointment to Police Scotland. 

You may be asked to have a medical examination (free of charge) so that the police authority can decide if you will be eligible for ill health benefits. If this determines that the likely cost of providing ill health benefits is disproportionately high, you can still join the 2015 scheme but you will not receive ill health benefits if you become unable to work and you will pay contributions at a reduced rate.

You may also be in the scheme if you were previously a member of the Police Pension Scheme (Police 1987) or the New Police Pension Scheme (Police 2006).


Transferring Benefits

If you have joined the Police Pension Scheme (Scotland) 2015 (PPS 2015) within the last 12 months and wish to consider transferring previous pension rights from another provider, please contact SPPA on (01896) 893 000, or email for more details.

If you joined Police Scotland from another UK police force, transfers can normally be completed on a like for like basis. Please contact SPPA to arrange this.

Transfers from other arrangements are subject to time limits, and a transfer of these benefits can only proceed when:

  • you have completed a transfer application form providing SPPA with full details of your previous pension provider

  • a transfer value from your previous pension provider has been obtained by SPPA

  • you have been notified by us of the amount of pension that the transfer will buy you in the CARE scheme

  • you have made a written election within 12 months of joining the PPS 2015 to proceed with the transfer

Please be aware SPPA cannot provide financial advice to you regarding whether or not to transfer your pension.  If you require advice please contact an independent financial advisor.