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As well as providing you with an income in retirement, membership of the scheme also provides valuable protection for your dependants. In this area of the website, we explain what these benefits are if you die before retiring. Please make sure we are aware who you would like us to consider for receiving any lump sum benefits by completing a nomination form and keeping this up to date.

If you are not in a legally recognised relationship, you can nominate your partner to be treated as your spouse by signing and completing the nomination form on the right.

Benefits may also be payable to your dependants if you die after retiring and these are explained in the Retirement section.

Lump sum

A lump sum of three times your annual pensionable earnings at date of death will be paid. This will normally be tax free if it’s paid to your spouse, registered civil partner or qualifying partner.

If you die within a year of leaving pensionable service because of ill health but without receiving you pension a lump sum payment may be paid to your dependants.

You should contact the SPPA to nominate someone else to receive the benefit.

It is important to tell us who you wish to receive any payments because if no beneficiary is nominated and you don’t have a spouse or civil partner, the lump sum will be paid to your estate and may be subject to Inheritance Tax.

A pension payable to an adult dependant

In addition to the lump sum, a pension will be payable to your adult dependant. This may be your spouse, civil partner or a partner you have nominated.

If you die while an active member who is paying into the scheme,  or within a year of leaving because of ill health, a short-term pension will be paid equal to pensionable pay at the time of your death. 

Your employer usually pays this for three months from the day after your death.

If there is no long-term pension payable to a spouse, civil partner or nominated partner but you leave one or more eligible children, a short-term pension be will paid to them for six months.

Long-term pension

After three months the short-term pension wll stop and be replaced by a dependant’s pension of 37.5% of your pension. This pension is payable for life.

Children's pensions

A pension may be paid if you leave dependent children. This pension is paid until they are  age 17 or 23 if they are in full-time education. A child’s pension can be paid for life to a permanently disabled child who is dependent on you at the time of your death.

For the first three months a short-term pension will be paid equal to your pensionable pay. This will then reduce to 37.5% of the pension you have built up.

If you leave two or more children, they will share 37.5% of your pension between them.

Children’s pensions are increased if there is no adult pension payable, and the short-term pension will be paid for six rather than three months.

Death after leaving the scheme

If you die after leaving pensionable employment, your dependants will receive a lump sum based on your service. But if you die before completing three months’ service, a payment equal to your pension contributions plus interest at 3% will be paid to them.

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