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You may be able to transfer benefits you have earned in schemes with your previous employers. Here you will find more information and the documents and forms you will need if you wish to transfer your benefits.

Remember, if you take up a post in an establishment in another part of the UK, you will no longer be able to pay into the Scottish Teachers' Pension Scheme. You will need to transfer to  the cross border scheme if you are to maintain CPI plus 1.6% increases on your pension pots.           

For more information please see our video on transferring.     

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Transferring benefits in from other schemes

You may be able to transfer benefits you have earned in schemes with your previous employers.                  

Applications to transfer benefits into the scheme must be made within 12 months of joining and before your normal pension age. 

If you have been a member of a Teachers’ pension scheme elsewhere in the UK your benefits will not transfer automatically to the scheme. You must apply in writing for a transfer to be made.

Special terms apply if you transfer benefits between other public sector schemes for example, if you join Teachers’ Scotland from an Teachers’ employer in England or from another public sector scheme.  However there are strict timescales relating to these transfers and you must request these as soon as possible after joining the scheme.

You can apply to transfer by completing a Joiner Questionnaire form.

Can I transfer to another public service pension scheme?

Transfers-out to other public service scheme are still permissible and special terms are available if you wish to do this. 

Quotations are available on request from SPPA.

I am now working in the private sector

From April 2015, the law changed and you are now no longer permitted to transfer benefits from a public sector scheme to any private sector pension scheme; defined benefit or defined contribution.

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